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Its too bad that OmniFocus does [presumably you meant "does not"]

1. Have a better web interface that would prevent the need [for] syncing
2. Have a plugin for .Mac sync
3. Have a[n] open/save dialog for .Mac.
While you're at it, why not wish for world peace? C'mon, this is alpha version software here!

I feel quite confident that some version of all three of your wish-list items are on the feature list of some version of OmniFocus after they get 1.0 out the door. I also feel quite confident that trying to get those features working now would fall right under the heading: "perfect is the enemy of good."

For myself, I'd much rather spend my own effort in getting the syncing working for my own particular circumstances if that means that the effort at Omni is, um, "focused" on making the core app as functional as possible.