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Hi Brian
Thanks for your response, very nice of you to go into depth with this.
Itīs good to get some clarity here to understand the difference between the kinds of sync.
Iīd really wish that it was possible to optimize it further though. It might seem like a little thing, but if you use OmniFocus as your main tool during the day itīs a shame if there is even a slight feeling of resistance to use it.

I usually open Omnifocus (or any other list management app) at least 10 times per day. Since I switch between OF for Mac and OF for iPhone a lot during the day so I have to sync it almost every time I open the app on the iPhone.
If you compare it to an app like Remember the Milk, which is the app with the best and most intelligent sync I have seen, it takes in average 10 secs to sync at startup, and OmniFocus takes 22 secs in average to sync at startup.
Thatīs a difference of 12 secs. per app launch.

That means that it takes 2 minutes longer to sync OmniFocus per day, or a whole hour per month, or 12 hours per year. When you add it up itīs a long to have that spinning wheel on the screen.