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I did a quick scan of the Omnj site, a Google search and looked through the forums and couldn't find an answer, so my next step is to ask ...

Is there a quick entry process for the iPad without having to open the iPad version of OF? Meaning if I'm in safari on my iPad, is there an easy way to get an action into OF? Or do I have to quit safari and open OF?
At present, yes, you'll need to open the app. It's not ideal but unfortunately the iPad doesn't have the benefit of multi-tasking which allows the desktop app to pop up your quick entry whenever you need it.

In a couple of months time when Apple release iOS4 for the pad we will at least have the same fast app switching as the phone which will make it much easier and quicker to switch from whatever your doing to OmniFocus and back again without losing what you're doing.

Hopefully the big delay between iOS4 on the phone and the iPad release will also mean there are some more goodies in store other than MT and folders eh....?