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test date @flag @mins(15) @start(2012-10-05) @due(2012-10-07 17:00)
So by default I think I'll stick to them for FoldingText export/import.

I'd suggest one other
which could go into the Note field of an OF action or OO3 list item. I tried this with a test FT script and if the "text" portion of @note is merely a standard Markdown link, then it would be pretty straightforward if the FT2OF parser could put that link into the note. I'm thinking something like this would be really useful for an FT-OF-DEVONthink toolset:


For example, a DEVONthink triggered script applied to a smart group could write its own FT action plan, and add it to a group where I'm putting the annotations for those documents, and then Rob's script could nicely put the work plan into OF.