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To many of mine are showing as imminently overdue so I'll have to leave that as an exercise for the reader, for the moment :-)

For the display of years with strftime:

To eliminate uncompleted tasks of completed projects, I think you could begin by trying to expand t.dateCompleted is null in MATCHES to something like p.status = 'active' and t.dateCompleted is null
FWIW, I don't think the calendar script is pulling in repeated events from iCal. This is true both of a native iCal calendar I have and also a CalDav google calendar I'm subscribed to.

Beyond that, thanks for your feedback/suggestions. Sadly, most of this sqlite scripting stuff is beyond me. I tried changing that Matches= statement as you suggested and then adjusting the parenthesis as that seemed necessary too. But when I did this, no tasks showed anymore. So either more is needed, or more likely, I did something wrong.