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debz0r: Thanks for those additional details! What shows up on your Console when you synchronize? (Please send log messages to and carbon-copy me at What happens if you create a new calendar in iCal and synchronize a context with it? Do any of the items show up in that new calendar? I should note that iCal's search window doesn't search all the calendars, only the active ones (the ones with the corresponding checkbox checked in the left sidebar).
Ken: I've emailed console logs describing a sync attempt, but attempted with the current calendars; I created a new calendar but it will not show up in the pref window.

I've since gone to a totally fresh OF document, added a few context and dates and then resynced. The tasks that I had sent to iCal earlier from my first OF doc - which had NOT shown on iCal - came back to OF during the sync (showed up in the in box of the new doc). Still nothing showing in iCal.