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I'm not seeing anything wrong on the OmniFocus side of those logs; I wonder if that BirthdayCalendar exception might be blocking iCal from synchronizing properly? OmniFocus seems to be synchronizing to the sync database properly, but if iCal doesn't also sync then it won't see any of the changes we're making--and we wouldn't see all of the changes it's making either.

That would explain why your new calendar isn't showing up in OmniFocus, and it would also explain why the synchronization dialogue did list all of the OmniFocus tasks that were pushed.

Our support ninjas tell me that they've helped other users solve this BirthdayCalendar exception by turning off the birthday calendar in iCal preferences and then turning it back on (recreating it).

Unfortunately, I don't have any other advice on how to get iCal itself to stop misbehaving except to make some backups of your calendars and then to try resetting everything (following the process suggested by

Thanks again for helping us investigate this!