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I don't understand what it would mean to make it an event.

If I have three things due today (a two-minute phone call, a three-week project, and writing an email message), what sort of events would I create for them? What time would these events start and end?

OmniFocus isn't intended to schedule your time, it's intended to help you track what you want to get done. You can then look at what you want to get done and schedule your time using another tool (whether that tool is as simple as a calendar, or as complicated as a Gantt chart), but OmniFocus doesn't have enough information to make those scheduling decisions for you.
But OF does have due dates, yes? Perhaps I'm missing something within OF, but while OF allows me to list things that need to get done and organize them into contexts, ie errands or phone calls, some tasks become urgent based on when they are due. While OF has some tools available to promote these "due-dated-task", a list is not the ideal interface when trying to develop a schedule based on the bigger picture, a calendar is, and while I can go into iCal and drag these task to dates, it's an extra step that can become time consuming. OF offers tools like "clipping" and "quick entry" to capture what you need to get done without getting in your way and allows for ease of entry. In my mind, and with the way I seem to be evolving in my task management using OF, better integration with iCal seems a logical feature in line with the other stream-line tools already available. I wouldn't make it a default, but allow the user to define these options, ie, list due dates as events? all-day event? time due? list start date?

If it can't be done it can't be done, but if it can be done than it should be include. Nonetheless, even without this feature I love this application and have already purchased it.