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I may have ruined my ruby installation. In terminal I ran the command:

Ruby -v

and it returned a version number. But it still would not install the applescript Gem.

Then, as suggested above I ran the commands:

sudo mv /usr/bin/ruby /usr/bin/ruby~
sudo ln -nfs /opt/local/bin/ruby /usr/bin/ruby

Now when I run the version command I get:

ruby: command not found.

I'm a complete novice at this kind of hacking. Can anyone please help restore my ruby install? I already have the developer tools installed.

Thank you in advance for your help.
The command will only work if you installed ruby using MacPorts. If you're on Tiger you need to do this (update your Ruby installation, there are planty of guides how to do it, just google it). To make your ruby work again, just rename your backup copy back:

sudo mv /usr/bin/ruby~ /usr/bin/ruby

and it should work again.