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it's still in beta. i just tried it out. The fella doesn't have recurring tasks just yet.

I still like OmniFocus' review feature. Things and The Hit List just doesn't have that (yet). But I guess that's because the weekly review method is emphasized more in a GTD setting than in a plain to-do list setting.

I think some people would like to see more of an interface that you find in the other programs. At this point, OF 1.5 uses the toolbar to show perspectives. Maybe it would be the trick to appease the folks that like the Things and Hit List interface.

Here's an e-mail I sent to the support ninjas:

Love OmniFocus. Tried looking at Things and The Hit List but keep coming back to OmniFocus.

Maybe people are liking the competitor's user interface and find OmniFocus' user interface a little hard to wrap their head around. Maybe it just needs some renaming on the buttons.

I imagine changing the following toolbar button names to this:

BUTTON #1: Projects -> Planning (this includes the inbox and projects lists/folders). This is where we go through our planning stages.

The sidebar will contain a list of all the projects and folders in the planning mode. Same as what we see in OmniFocus 1.5.

PLANNING (same as current Planning view in OmniFocus 1.5)
* A list of all my projects and folders

* Review - I consider Review an essential part of planning. So it belongs
here. This is the same as sort by review date as seen in OmniFocus 1.5.

BUTTON #2: Contexts -> Focus. Focus might be a better name for this mode. This is the mode where we get our real work done. This includes working by context or by time.

The sidebar will contain a set of default perspectives that can be modified or added at the user's discretion. Perhaps the default perspectives include the following:

CONTEXT (view tasks sorted by project name or task name)
* No Context
* @Home
* @Errands
* @Work
* @Another context

DUE (this is where all the time-sensitive contexts are placed. Same as sorting tasks by due date)
* All (view everything sorted by due date. Same as the OmniFocus 1.5
sort by due date)
* Today (includes overdue)
* Due Soon
* Someday/Maybe (projects on hold)

* Available Now (view filter by remaining)
* Flagged - Flagged status is on
* Remaining - view filter is Remaining

These would be the default perspectives placed in the sidebar until such a time when I feel like adding or deleting my own perspectives such as unflagged tasks or something else.

Putting the perspectives in the toolbar can get crowded when you have too many perspectives to include. Maybe it's better to put it in the sidebar instead of the toolbar.

It might be too much to ask beginner users to learn perspectives. It might make sense to add these as the default perspectives until such a time when they want to customize the perspective list.

When users create their perspectives, they can also place the perspective under Context, Due, or Status

Another issue: Adding perspectives to the toolbar.

I know it took me a while to figure out how to add a context to my tool bar. Maybe in the perspectives window, there can be a button that says "Add to Toolbar". This would automatically go into Customize toolbar mode and auto-add the current highlighted perspective into the toolbar. This streamlines the process a little more.

Thanks for listening.