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I've always thought one of OmniFocus' greatest strengths was its flexibility! There are a gazillion ways to view your data - a lot more than most other task management apps. But too much flexibility can lead to increased complexity too. It's a thin line.
The issue I have is that I'm typically in views which hide data. In particular, I am showing tasks that are "available" rather than "remaining." If I search in my perspective, I don't see the tasks that haven't reached their start date yet. And I get nervous, as I think I've "lost" the task!

So instead searching has to be a multi-step process: First click on the "show me EVERYTHING" perspective and _then_ search. CLICK CLICK CLICK yuck. Oh, and once I have the results, return back to a perspective that doesn't show me everything I want to see.

As such, an option for global search would be quite helpful, at least to me. The options you've presented would make sense... the dropdown could include "global" or "perspective" and make the choice persistent. That would work for me I think.