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Hey, I'm getting unfriendly and the reason is that this bug in OmniFocus becomes more and more annoying.

I'm losing data! Whenever I drag a larger document into the notes section, I'm unable to open the notes after some time (weeks) of use.

The third time now with several tasks!

I mailed the support ninjas.
I mailed them twice.
I mailed them the xml snippet of the data element that causes the data loss.
I didn't get a reply on the xml snippet, and what's worse: the bug is still there.

Again I just lost data and need to go into the resource bundle to hunt for it myself.

Please fix it.

It's annoying!

The bug's there since at least OF 1.5.



PS: I'm sorry that I had to uses the forum for this.

PSS: For those who read this in the future (see the date), OF is a great tool and I'm sure they fixed the bug by now. I would have a hard time living without it and that's the reason why this posting is so passionate.

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