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This isn't exactly a calendar-based approach, but I think it goes well with your idea. Have you thought about putting projects on hold on a weekly basis? You could look at your calendar for the week, estimate what "on task" time you'll probably have, pick the projects you'd like to work on, then put all the others on hold. Now when your ready to get some things done you'll have a very concise list of actions to choose from in the moment.

I also do what Curt suggests. I try to aim for 5-10 projects and 10-12 single action items for the week. This seems to be a manageable amount for one week. The number of projects depends on the complexity, the due date, etc. (I may have a couple extras if there is just a waiting for or a quick email involved). Of course, this can quickly change as new things come my way during the week, so I am flexible. But having this number available and the rest on hold is a good goal for me.