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Hey, all. Second time poster here.

About a week ago, my iPhone stopped syncing with my desktop version of OmniFocus. Here're all the stats I can think of which might be important to the situation:

Running Mac OS 10.5.8
Running Omnifocus 1.7.1 (as of tonight -- before was an earlier version)
Using Bonjour to sync
Connected to our router via a wired connection
"Show Clients" only shows this computer

Running OS 3.0.1
Running Omnifocus 1.5.2
Using Bonjour to sync
Wi-Fi is on and appears to be connecting

Trying to sync from the iPhone results in the error "Unable to synchronize database with server. -- Unable to find sync server." Retrying causes the same error with shorter full text.

Trying to sync from the desktop causes no errors or alerts, but I'm pretty sure it's just syncing with the desktop itself.

Also: We recently replaced our router. The network is named the same and has the same password, but as with all switches, sometimes not everything populates correctly. We do have wireless working in the house, though.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!