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How I Action Plan using OmniFocus and an agenda/planner.

In the past, I've struggled with using OmniFocus beyond the "right now," and have even demanded a calendar feature. I wanted to update the community with my current solution.

I had been flagging things I wanted to do today/tomorrow (suggested by Tarun101).

At this point, OmniFocus helps me plan my day/week, but I mostly refer to my paper agenda throughout the day.

First of all, firm events go into the calendar (CalGoo for me). These are meetings, dinners, classes -- anything I would want to remember to show up for outside of my normal routine.

I created an "Action Plan" perspective based on OF's Due perspective: Contexts:Due:Due:Remaining:AnyDuration:AnyFlagStat e.

I set due dates on tasks in OmniFocus. However, I don't use them as deadlines, but agenda setters. It's basically a guess as to when I expect to be able to work on a task (and sometimes it's weeks out). I also set due dates on tasks that I just don't want to slip out of my periphery (this is to help compensate my sometimes weak review habits).

At the beginning of the day/week, I pencil tasks into my weekly planner.

At this point I would like a quicker way to modify due dates (drag-and-drop on a calendar?). But it seems that OF is working for me more than I'm working for it, and that makes me happy.