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Hi all

I'm very pleased to have OF for iPad, it does seem like it will be a great tool.

However, I've run into a little gotcha. When I clip emails with the clip-o-tron, I get the contents + attachments into my task (just like I want it). And when I've synced to the iPad, my tasks have their attachments in the 'attachments' tab. So far so good.

But when I select an attachment, it seems to open in OF's internal viewer -- there seems no way to 'open in...' another app like GoodReader. (My attachments tend to be .doc and .pdf files)

(the little 'open in' icon is there, but it's greyed out as soon as the attachment is opened).

Am I missing something? is there a way to tell OF to use external readers on the iPad?

thanks for any advice,