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Thanks for the great work you folks do. OmniPlan is outstanding. There's a huge gap in terms of project planning software, and this is a great effort.

I'd like to add another voice to the chorus hoping for omnifocus integration sooner rather than later. Right now, the only choice for most of us - whether professional project manager/program manager or just someone interested in GSD is to use MS Project. Of course MS project is a mature and stable product, but it integrates terribly to outlook/workflow tools, or at least I have yet to see a clean implementation. IMHO there's a great opportunity here, with iPads penetrating large enterprises, and desktop virtualization strategies coming forward I think we will see more and more macs in these companies. A suite of products that integrates flexible planning and actual deliverable assignments + tracking would have a good chance of increased adoption in this brave new world!

Keep up the great work!