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We believe we've finally been able to fix the most frequently report crash with OmniOutliner 4, or at least some instances of it. There are now 4.0.5 public test builds available with this fix. If you would like to take it for a spin, we would appreciate the help to make sure there is no other way to trigger it. As always, please be aware that these are test builds and have not yet been fully tested.

Change notes:
  • Outline view Switching sections should no longer leave other rows visible.
  • Stability The above fix hopefully solves the biggest crasher encountered by our users that would happen randomly with any simple action.

For Mac App Store customers, these builds will require an Omni store license if your trial period has expired. Please contact support if you would like to test this and require a trial extension.

We appreciate your patience as we worked on tracking this issue down. Thank you!