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Hi there,

I am aware that those points have been discussed before, but I'd like to bring them together.

I've been working each and all day with OmniOutliner for the last couple of months, and apart from enjoying its many nice features, I've had a hard time not to get lost when files get very big. But this is exactly the kind of problem an Outliner should solve, and I think that it is where the points mentioned meet.

Rather than more sophisticated and handy sorting capabilities (which I would also appreciate) or even better column based show/hide functionality, smart folders are so so Leopard, and they can do everything you could do with sorting and show/hide, and much more. Question: is this feature too close to OmniFocus (what I don't think), or may we hope to see it some time in the future?

Secondly, level independent columns can do something which the omnipotent (!) smart folders cannot. If you could add, say, a time/duration column for parent lines only and, say, a checkbox column for the children lines this could make your document much less crowded. It would look like a spreadsheet with individually merged cells.

(Speaking of time/duration: how do you sum up e.g. song durations, i.e. mm:ss, or which style would that be in the first place? Is there only the coarse grid of hours, days, months, years?)

All the best,