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I've spent a small amount of time syncing OmniOutliner documents and have hit a problem with the way I'd like to use it. I have multiple projects, each stored in their own folder where I have a project-tracking OmniOutliner document for each project.

I'd like to sync each of these documents with my iPad so I can work on them when I'm away from the office but I don't want to move these documents to a single folder that can be synced with OmniPresence, they need to stay in their respective project folders.

Rather than syncing specified folders, would it be possible to sync individual documents as well? How are others dealing with this type of problem, or are you living with the fact that the documents can't live within project folders? Or, have I missed the ability to sync individual documents?
I've started using OP with OO documents and, like you, I have documents scattered across several folders. I'm not too pleased with this, but I've found a solution.

You can create symbiotic links between the file in your OP folder and the location you want the symlink to point to in your file system. It's similar to having an alias of the file.