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If you want to automatically close a large number of windows opened in OmniFocus, you might be tempted to write a single line of Applescript like this:

tell application "OmniFocus" to close windows
This does indeed work well if you run it from the OmniFocus script menu, or from a script editor.
If, however, you install a button for it on the OF toolbar, this innocuous script becomes a danger - it is likely (more than 7 times out of 10 on my system, for example) to crash OF completely.

This is symptomatic of a general defect in the applescript-launching mechanism of omni toolbars - some scripts behave incorrectly when run from the toolbar, others exit with error messages, even though they run perfectly well from the application's script menu.

I first drew attention to this particular crasher two years ago.
As the toolbar applescript-launching mechanism has again proved frustrating with a couple of recent scripts, I tested the issue again in the last few days. Troy has just written to say: this is a known issue that we have filed in our database. I'll add your vote to the list so we know you'd like to see it fixed!

Analogous scripts also crash OmniPlan and OmniOutliner (I had thought OmniOutliner was fixed, but it has just crashed on me ...).

If, like me, you find it helpful to install applescripts on the OF toolbar, find crashing disconcerting, and would like to see this issue (and the general launching of applescripts from the toolbar) fixed, do use Help > Send Feedback in the OF menu, and let the OF development team know ...


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