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Dave, thanks for your reply !

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(Also, we've merged the two threads you started in the General and "for iPad" forums. When the same content appears in multiple threads, it can be hard to keep the conversation on track...)
I know, I hesitated first, it's one of those things I "hate" about forums: the impossibility to (virtually) post one thread in more then one topic ...
(I must admit : I'm a multi-facet adept ...)

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... OmniGraphSketcher for Mac allows you to view and edit multiple graphs at once, use best-fit lines and custom margins, and see your data in a table. ...
This is very useful info - and if I may suggest : why not make this available on the product's pages ?

So feature-wise, the Mac version wins on points.
How about "ease of use" meaning : "ease-of-expression" and "time-to-result" ?
Will the iPad version take the lead in this area ?

The price difference is insignificant - I would actually consider using both of them in my workflow, if that adds to equation !

Anyone using both - and having thoughts on this ?