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I've used OF for a long time, and one thing I don't like is that I have to use a single action list for single tasks. I can't just create them where ever I wish (as you can in Things).

But I suddenly realized today (duh) that I can create a Project and give it a contex, just as I could a task. I can also flag the Project so it will show up in Today, and I can check it off as completed.

Seems like a breakthrough for me, except I'm sure there's some shortcoming or problem using this method, and I'd rather not find out after using this method for a month.

So, is this a viable solution? And what problems will I run into? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


p.s. In other words, it seems as if I can use a project without any tasks as a single task in itself, and I'm wondering what the differences is between doing that, and creating a single task in a single task list.

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