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I have all 3 versions of OF (iPhone, iPad and Mac) but I have converted to Android so need a replacement. I've tried a few but narrowed it down to Astrid and Any.Do. But my needs are quite simple.

All that said, if Apple opened up its OS a bit more I'd be back in a flash and the main reason would be OF. In fact, if I return to iOS it will be 90% because of OF.

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I don't understand what is meant by "being more open." Could you better explain what it means?

I'm guessing you may be mixing the term "being more open" with "more customizable"?

I sometimes hear that being "more open" means to introduce even more apps or hacks that do all kinds of things to a person's smartphone. But I'm not really very interested in hacks and cute screensavers. I just want to get my work done on my iPad or iPhone and be done with it.

Sure there are things I'd like such as a built-in SD card slot for memory expansion on the iPad/iPhone but I'm willing to live with its limitations and conceive different ways of getting things done. We all live within the limits of each ecosystem. That's just a fact of life.

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