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Quick start instructions

Since my instructions came out so long here's the barebones instructions to get started right away assuming you have something like a free Dropbox account:

1) Open the script up in Applescript Change the two existing paths to match the directory with your outlines and the directory you want to export to (any folder in your dropbox account will work).

2) Change the file extension of the output file to ".docx", and change the 'export as' format to "" (because this format works best with dropbox/google drive)

3) Press the "Run" button in Applescript editor and it should export to the dropbox or whatever sync folder you selected and now be available on your devices.

4) If that works then create a repeating event in iCal and set it to run this script to your desired interval.

That's the bare bones basic setup. Read the long directions above for all the little tweaks and enhancements you can do to customize the syncing format/service/interval/etc.

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