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OK, running it from script editor worked. Not sure what this is supposed to do though. I was under the impression that as I moved from task to task it would but a growl bubble up. Was I mistaken? I am using GROWL 0.76
You run the script, it posts a notification. There is no way to make the notification track OF. You just have to run the script again when you want to post a reminder of what you are working on.

The script really was just a quick one-off to demonstrate how to post sticky reminders with Growl. I don't plan to support the script and won't be posting it to my scripts page as I don't have a need for it.

I don't think I understand what you all are wanting to do with such a script. I was thinking you just wanted to keep track of what you were working on, so when you finished dealing with an interruption you could return to what you were doing. Are you looking for something that shows your top-most next action and allows clicking to complete and then show the next next action? That an interesting idea, but isn't something that Growl would be useful for.