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Welcome aboard! Happy to help.

One recommendation would be to create folders to organize projects by customer, rather than try to treat the customers as items within a project. So, you could create a "Customers A" folder, then put a "Jane Doe" folder in there, and finally put any projects you need to do for that customer in that folder.

(Opening up OmniFocus' preferences and enabling the "Show Full Hierarchy" setting may help fill out the project and context cells, though you'll still want to try and keep the action names somewhat identifiable on an individual basis.)

In general, a project has some sort of outcome; it might make sense to make a Single Action list for the various one-off items for a customer, but I wouldn't try to lump everything under one project.

Another thing I would do, at least for the A-list customers, would be to create a context for them. That's where the "Bill them" and "Collect the money" actions go - stuff that can't be done without contacting the customer. For the non-repeat stuff, I'd probably use the action title and the note field to ensure you have enough info to do the action.

Re: money for time - it's not shown by default, but OmniFocus does support a "how much time will this take" attribute for items. Select View -> Columns -> Estimate to make it visible in either view.

Hopefully that helps get you started - keep the questions coming and we can lend a hand. :-)