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I worked around the loss of umlauts when importing an UTF-8 encoded OPML file into OF. Here is the way although I don't understand why it works:

I open the original OPML file which comes from my phone in TextEdit. I don't change anything in the file except that I save it with western european Mac-Roman encoding. Importing this OPML file using OPML2OF I get all my umlauts. But this will surely not work for chinese:-(

I checked what happens if I try some other text encoding options in TextEdit:

  • UTF-16 OPML2OF ends up in saying that I have to install the XML Tools first.
  • UTF-8 doesn't change anything.
  • Western European Mac-Roman see above
  • Western European Windows Latin 1 I get other symbols than using UTF-8, but I don't get umlauts