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The author of this blog post complains that OmniFocus doesn't provide a way to alert the user some time before a task is due. It got me thinking that it should be fairly easy to whip up an AppleScript to create a reminder for a selected task in the Mountain Lion Reminders program. So I did.

If multiple tasks are selected, the script simply creates a reminder for the first one. Since it finishes by showing the new reminder in the Reminders app so the user can edit the date, I thought it would be awkward to loop through multiple selected tasks.

The script will first look to see if a start date has been set for the selected task and use that as the default alert date. If there is no start date, it will use the due date if there is one, or just leave it undated otherwise. As I mentioned, it then opens the new reminder so you can adjust the alert date and time as desired.

It hasn't been extensively tested, but it's quite simple and I hope someone might find it useful.
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