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Originally Posted by mikejt
When I'm importing text to OO, frequently items are organized so that I'd like to select some part of a topic or note text and then create a new topic from that. Yes ... I can do a copy, create topic, paste ... but that extra step is a pain. If there was some "split topic" or "create topic from text" that took the text selection and created a topic, it would be very, very handy.

If the selection started from the start of the topic, the new topic would be inserted above the current topic with the selected text removed. If the selection ended with the end of the topic, the new topic would be inserted immediately below. Text in the middle ... hmm ... probably below ....

I don't think this does exactly what you want.. but do you know about control-return? It will split the row at the cursor give you two rows, the first row with the text before the cursor, and the 2nd with the text after the cursor.

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