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After a frustrating 30 minutes of trying to figure out why my hot key for clippings wasn't working I opened my eyes and noticed that there was no key combo set up. After resetting the hot key it worked fine.

I had the keyboard firmware update for Macbook Pro over the weekend so I wondered if this had wiped out all of my custom keyboard commands. Sure enough, I now need to put them all back in.

Warning - frustration venting ahead -

I can't say as I read the fine print on the install but there was an extra dialog box with directions/warnings that came up and this would have been a great place for Apple to put that info so that I could have copied them all down prior to erasing them. I can't say as I can remember all the shortcuts that I had so I know that I will now be in the middle of a workflow and hit a shortcut key that doesn't exist and have to go and fix it. PITA!