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I second that.

- I couldn't find a decent project management SW that can do it. Most, if not all seem to be "me too products" of MS Projects.

- At the end it is better to be vaguely right than to be precisely wrong! For complex projects (including IT projects) the estimates are vague at best. It is often a discovery. Using precise date as most project management tools force one to use give the wrong impression about the quality of the estimates.

I also would like to start the project with a PERT chart first and then turn into a GANTT. It just makes more sense.

Don't be a "me too product" to MS Projects please.

I have bought and use Omni Graffle and Omni Focus a lot. I definitley would buy a project management sw than can do the above! Unfortunately, there is no vendor out there that I can throw my money at for this.