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Hello there!

While I have given up on using OW to view any YouTube type videos or sites, sometimes people embed videos on their websites.

Which ends up leading to a big crash for me.

Then when I restart OW it goes and starts reloading all the pages that were open at the time of the crash, which is a feature I really love!

The problem is that the offending page causes OW trauma again, and OmniGroup CrashCatcher is in my face before I can try to close the offending window/page.

So, a feature that I would like is that the maybe the CrashCatcher can toggle a flag that when OW is restarted it opens all of the windows/pages but does not load them, and puts up a little box with a stop/go option. I can go through my windows/pages and close the ones that aren't crucial, or the offending page if I know which one it is. Then I can click on the go button, and it will start loading the windows/pages.

Anyway, after dealing with the CrashCatcher several times tonight(you guys already know what it is, so I won't bother you with the reports), I would really appreciate this feature.