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I'm noticing something here - I rarely restart my Mac so I didn't notice till now -

Every time I start Twitterific, it downloads about 40 or 50 recent tweets and they are processed again into new actions in my OF inbox.

Anyone else seen this? A quick browse through the preferences panels doesn't reveal a setting that might help with this. It seems like it's downloading old tweets again - and it's calling the hook script for every one.
I came to the OmniGroup forums to see if anyone else had the idea of being able to dictate Inbox items to OmniFocus, and I found this thread. I hadn't thought of using Twitter as an intermediary channel, but it works. I didn't want to use an always-running Twitter application to pull in the tweets, so I constructed a Perl script that can run in the background on the Mac to do the same thing. I wrote up the instructions and posted the code here: The PERL Way to Add OmniFocus Inbox Entries from Twitter

Thanks to everyone who worked on this problem previously.
Here's a setup that uses 2 free web services, and doesn't require any software running on your Mac.

1. Like before, setup Dragon Dictation to post to your Twitter account

2. Use to create an RSS feed from your Twitter account

3. Use the free plan at to email new RSS entries to your +omnifocus email address. The caveat here is that the free plan only checks your feed once daily. If you want real-time, you have to upgrade to a paid plan. But for me, daily is just fine.

The bottom line is that it works with the really sweet workflow of dictating something quickly into Dragon, posting to twitter in 3 taps, and having it turn up in my Inbox the next day.
GREAT timing! I was getting desperate!

I would pay for instant (er.. how much is it!!!!)


Oddly enough Vlingo has been updated - might give that a last try - but I think the script is lost on my old MBAir..
Oh no.........

My stupid email system - doesn't allow a + signal as the start character in an email address!!!!!

Could I use ???

Would OF mind a character BEFORE the + sign?

I cancelled, but it was worth trying!

I think Vlingo has REGAINED Twitter functionality (It has just tested it) so I think it's back to the drawing board for me and I'll get my young computer nerd on the phone again to help me install the script that would go and fetch the twitter feeds on this new laptop.
Originally Posted by Casper TFG View Post
Oh no.........

My stupid email system - doesn't allow a + signal as the start character in an email address!!!!!

Could I use ???

Would OF mind a character BEFORE the + sign?
It has been a while since I last looked at the relevant RFCs, but I don't think '+' is legal as the first character in an email address. The idea is that you can put it after your regular username and before the host specification to allow tagging the email, in effect. So, instead of telling XYZ Corp that my email is, I could give them Gmail would deliver the mail to, but I could search for mail sent to that address and filter accordingly. I do occasionally encounter systems which insist that a '+' cannot occur in an email address, which I take as an indication to go elsewhere!

So, yes, you should have sone characters in front, and they should be your normal left hand side of your email address.
oh! Thanks very much. I have to give that a try!
er...... before I do - my Macbook air isn't playing ball with the clip-o-tron - are there any known issues with the +omnifocus function too?
I'm not aware of any scenarios in which it won't intercept messages using the +omnifocus notation provided the sender is on the list of approved accounts and you don't read the message first somewhere else (thus clearing the unread status and causing the Mail rule not to be run).

As for your MacBook Air issue with the Clip-o-Tron, care to elaborate?

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