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Differences between 5.0 and 5.5? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I looked for documentation/forum message/anything but could not find.

what are the differences between 5.0 and 5.5? working with OW, I've only seen that we now have Style Sheet preferences (which I'll use for Chinese sites using ugly Chinese fonts/formatting) but I can't discern anything else.
A big difference : the speed :).
5.5 is Version 5 but using WebKit instead of the highly modified WebKit Omni used to use.

By usign the standard WebKit it means things are a lot faster, and Omni can upgrade WebKit to the newest version a lot lot easier and faster than when they used a customised version.

5.5, feature wise, should be the same as 5. Version 5.6 --> 6 is where new features are to be expected.
Originally Posted by revs
5.5 is Version 5 but using WebKit instead of the highly modified WebKit Omni used to use.
OmniWeb 5.0.x used a modified WebCore and not WebKit, fwiw.
My guess is we are using "nightly" webkit since it has features Omni group needs for their browser.

The "final" will use the webkit installed to system yes?

Also I think this decision by Omni means great for Safari/OS X users since Omni coders will have time to fix webkit (aka Safari) bugs rather than coping with (the earlier framework) modifications.

Of course, all are my guesses.
No, it will be based off a nightly - not the system version. Omniweb currently uses a newer versionthan the system (hence the reason we can get funky custom buttons :) ).

Omni have taken a nightly they deem to be stable, then worked off that. If there are any important bug fixes in later webkit builds they have backported them into the build they use.

I should note that since WebKit is open source, we will be publishing the version of WebKit that we are using for the final release (if not before) so you will be able to see what we needed to change to support OmniWeb's features.

We will also try to fold as many of those changes back into Apple's WebKit as they are willing to take. However it is unlikely that our changes would ever make it into WebKit on 10.4 (or earlier) so we will likely have to ship our own WebKit until Leopard (at a minimum).
One "difference" I've run into is that sites that load up thru SP11 now would not with SP12, until that is, I renamed the and "started over."

Something changed. Not sure why. I've tried looking at entries in PL Editor but there must be an easier way to compare for differences in two files.

And the change or differences seems to be something about site preferences, or perhaps two items that I had used the terminal to set to set cascading windows to off/zero so that they don't 'stack' with some offset.

Also, there is now always a disk cache. I keep making sure that I have disk cache set to ZERO and it still keeps writing and building (so it quickly grows to 20MB in no time at all).
i would also like to point out that it is a universal app (whereas 5.0 is PowerPC). a minor update which i'm sure only involved changing the text in the 'get info' box to say 'universal' and then whazam! it runs natively on intel macs.

Last edited by twalkabout; 2006-06-06 at 08:50 AM..
Actually the hard part about making OmniWeb universal was that the version of WebCore we were using in 5.1 wouldn't build on 10.4 (and we didn't want to spend any time updating it just to throw it away for 5.5).

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