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I agree with the above post!

I think OmniWeb is the major reason for OmniGroup's actual success!
Most people got to know Omni products through OmniWeb.

Please don't let it die!
The last posting from Ken is dated April 2012.

Could Ken please post a statement about what can be expected for the near future regarding OmniWeb?

Is there a future at all?

Thank you.
I'm not Ken, and I don't speak for him, but if you look at what he has posted recently about Omni's plans for 2013, there's no mention of OmniWeb, and there's a lot of work on the schedule...
Yes, I had noticed that, and precisely because of that, I was hoping that Ken would make an explicit statement about the future of OmniWeb.

It should not take too much time or effort to just post a couple of paragraphs letting those of us who still use and care about OmniWeb what to expect, and therfore allow us to make decisions accordingly.
Sure! Happy to offer a quick status update.

In my last update, I wrote:

Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
OmniWeb is on the back burner until we've finished all of our iPad or Bust! projects. We're putting the finishing touches on the last of those projects (OmniPlan for iPad) right now, and expect to ship it in the next few months.
As hoped, we finished our last "iPad or Bust!" project last year (on June 7, 2012).

Now, that doesn't mean we'll be turning our attention back to OmniWeb right away: we have several other big projects which were also put on the back burner which we also need to finish.
And as expected, this also happened: we've turned quite a bit of attention back to the Mac, but right now that attention is focused on OmniOutliner 4, OmniFocus 2, and OmniPresence—not OmniWeb, I'm afraid.

Though OmniWeb has been on the back burner, in our spare time we've tried to squeeze in a little work here and there....
I squeezed in a little more work on OmniWeb over the holidays, fixing global and site preferences (which had broken during the 64-bit conversion), turning off autofill from contacts by default (so OmniWeb stops prompting for access to contacts unless you explicitly turn that feature on), fixing the source editor, drawing filtered placeholders in blocked frames and loading blocked frames when you click on them.

I also updated OmniWeb to skip autofilling password fields that already have a password in them, fixing the issue at sites like amazon where you'd start typing a password, and then a second later another child frame would finish loading and triggering another autofill and wiping out the password you'd just typed.

My list of known regressions in the 64-bit build at the moment are:
  • Site icons ("favicons") should be visible in the title bar, address bar, and bookmarks.
  • There should be some visible indication of blocked inline ads. (I fixed this for inline frames, but not inline images or plug-ins.)
  • There should be some way to manually load blocked ads. (Also fixed for inline frames, but not inline images or plug-ins.)
  • Web pages should honor the "override page styles" site preference.
  • Re-implement click-to-load Flash content.
  • Re-implement site-specific preferences.

Meanwhile, I'm still using OmniWeb v5.11.2 for >99% of my desktop browsing. (Very rarely, I'll encounter something which requires another browser—so I'll use something else to load that page and then go back to OmniWeb.)
Hi Ken,

Thank you very much for posting this information.
Is it possible to say when the new version will be made available for download?
Also, I would like to make a personal request.

I frequently use the "Save as Webarchive" to gather and store information.

After OW 5.9.2, the default names of the files no longer correspond to the title of the pages as shown in the windows/tabs. A perfect example, is this very same page:

1) Saving as webarchive with OW 5.11.2/GM-v622.19.3., the default file name is:

2) Saving with Safari (6.0.2) the default filename is:
"The Future of OmniWeb? - Page 8 - The Omni Group Forums"

3) Interestingly, bookmarking the page in OW, one gets this name:
"The Future of OmniWeb? - Page 8 - The Omni Group Forums"

So, why couldn't the default filename, when saving as Webarchive, be the same as the name attributed to the bookmark, which invariably is always something that is identical (or nearly so) to the title of the webpage?

I would like to think that making this change requires a truly minimal amount of effort, and would fix a problem introduced after OW 5.9.2. For me, this would remove the need to visit certain webpages with Safari.

An additional request, which I assume requires some more work, would be to improve the "Save as" Webarchive, to the capabilities that MS IE had, namely specifying a number of "levels", and the type of files to be included or excluded. (I hope my explanation is clear enough).

Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
Sure! Happy to offer a quick status update.

In my last update, I wrote:

I squeezed in a little more work on OmniWeb over the holidays...
So, when may we download a version that includes the work you did?
Any word on updates? Or even a sneekypeek? I don't want to give up on OW yet (or have OW give up on me)!
Well folks, after a long time of being a both paid and free user of; IMHO, the best web browser for OS X, it would appear that after months and months of empty promises and back burner busy work, I think we all can assume Omniweb is in fact defunct. The Big Guns have won.

Having been around the net before there was one, and been around much longer than most of you have been alive, I find it increasingly depressing that the Web is being transformed into all things portable. "Smart Phone" types or demographics if you will. As an owner of an iPad and not a smart phone, I have yet to find one single web browser that will function properly on any websites with some level of normalcy. Chrome based variants, Mercury, iCab, Opera, Puffin, and that awful Safari, and many others not worth mentioning, that can't do flash, have trouble with xml and consistently crash with any website that uses Java. Is this what we've allowed to happen?

With Mac OS X beginning to ride off into the sunset, or certainly the way of iOS, it doesn't leave much promise for us users that use the web for Research, News, Comments, etc. We have been given browsers like Chromium, Opera, FireFox and its Gecko based variants; (Sea Monkey, Camino, Etc.) and yet again that awful Safari and the now unsupported speedster but weird, iCab. The Mozilla Foundation is keen on building an iOS or Android based comparable platform, so it shows where there headed. FireFox will soon go away too and so will Opera, and the rest of them.

Omniweb was an oasis in a sea of mediocrity. It has been my browser of choice for two reasons for over 10 years. Predictability and reliability. It was with out a doubt a workhorse. Sure, it didn't have a website dedicated to plug-ins that may or may not work, but it would catch the majority of dumb ads on websites. Even though it was based on WebKit, it certainly didn't act like it. I watched the changes come through as this little company continued to improve their products and move forward. Times change and unfortunately Omniweb and Mac OS X are not part of the future. I guess myself and other people like me will begin to disappear from the web entirely unless we're willing to embrace Smart phones and tablets with below average performance as a abysmal replacement.

To all the members of The Omni Group: My Humble thank you for years of a fun, reliable web browser and the other products you have developed over the years that you have provided.

To Mattias and others on this forum: Thanks for being you, offering tweaks, ideas and adding to the experience of Omniweb, and Camino. It was fun!

The next chapter of the Web known loosely as Web 2.0 is certainly on the move. What will it be and how will it be embraced? And how will companies like OmniGroup be part of it? For the first time in my technological life, I feel like technology is leaving me and others behind, and were not better for it.

Wilson, Out...
Boy! I've heard of procrastination and putting customers off - but Omni takes the cake with this once glorious app. Hell, just reissue 5.11.2 with a new number. At least it'll makes us feel that we have not been completely ignored.

Oh, PS, I agree pretty much with Wilson's sentiments - but I'll hang around for a bit longer.

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