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Can't change date for task started before today? [A: Remove constraint in Task:Schedule inspector] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
i just bought Omniplan 2.2 and unfortunately it continuously crashes and has some unpredictable behaviour.

In creating a new project and back filling the line items. The issue that is killing me ATM is OmniPlan decides to start a task on todays date albeit the project date is from December 1st.

Its decided that this particular task cant start before todays date and not the date I want. It's driving me nuts.

When I try to change the start date for the task it just puts the grey line in front of the task although there are no constraints the I can see.

What makes it more annoying is that it is only doing it for a particular group of tasks

I cant change the date in the Task:schedule actual start time. it allws me to enter a date but when I exit the filed it changes the date back to todays date.

How get this to work?


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It's funny, OmniPlan 1 worked the way you want, and it seemed like everyone complained that it didn't work like it does now :-)

What OmniPlan 2 does when you enter a new task well after the project has started is to put a start constraint on it for today's date. That's what you want to change, not the start date, because it is that constraint which is controlling when the action starts (and the calendar for the project and any assigned resource(s)). Just click the little black circle with an x in it right below the start date field in the inspector. You can select multiple actions at once and do it for all of them in one shot.

Be sure to send in the crash reports along with any details on what you are doing. I've found it to be reasonably stable over the time it has been a released product; looks like about one crash a month. Might be worth downloading a fresh copy into a newly created account and see if the crashes persist there. I would also contact the support ninjas with Help->Send Feedback and ask them to investigate your crash reports.
Yes, I find this annoying as well. My solution to this was pragmatic - just adjust your computers clock to match the day you want to enter all your tasks for.

I found the solution of adjusting constraints to be buggy - adjusting your system clock works every time.
It makes sense going forward albeit at bit of a ind back filling projects.
Originally Posted by aboeing View Post
I found the solution of adjusting constraints to be buggy - adjusting your system clock works every time.
I wasn't proposing adjusting constraints, but removing them. If you aren't getting the result you expect when you remove the constraint, it's likely that there is some other reason why OmniPlan is scheduling the task when it does. Resource availability, priority, position in the document, dependencies, and project calendar all affect the leveling/scheduling process.

Remember that the constraint put in when you add actions is a starting constraint, not an ending one, and simply means that the action will not be scheduled before that date/time. It does not mean that the action will be schedule AT that date/time.

There's nothing that guarantees that a plan fiddled with by adjusting the date when you put in earlier actions will stay the way you want if you continue to change the plan. A better practice would be to eliminate the constraint, then set the start date and lock it.
Did anyone find a solution to the OP's problem? I have the same issue. I have an underway project. I have been advised someone discovered an issue and started a previously unknown task 3 days ago (21 May). Dependent tasks (testing etc) now need to get connected to it. I can't for the life of me get the task into my plan with a start date of 21st. OmniPlan insists the start day is today and trying to move it backwards simply creates a constraint that I don't want. Why can't I modify the plan for prior dates?
Sorry for the confusion! whpalmer4's explanation in this post is correct.

See the attached screenshot for the location of the control you want to click to remove that constraint. Hope that helps!
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Nope.. same problem, and the solution isn't working for me. I click the X, enter the desired start date, and the constraint reappears. Click X again... repeat ad nauseum. ;)

It seems a tiny thing to be really bugged by, I know, but it's brought my use of the software to a grinding halt. I can't keep going till I have the capability to backdate.

There are no people or resources attached that might be exerting other constraints, no priority, and no dependencies.

Help... :)
I've also been learning bit by bit best practice for back dating. I haven't yet used the "Set current editing date…" feature, but assuming resource(s) are available and no dependencies are causing issue, I've been able to trump priority and location in the hierarchy by first marking the task complete, then changing the start date. Not perfect, but you might give it a try (assuming I'm not missing something).

Try changing the project's start date. (Inspector > Project Information > Start)

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