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It's really a matter of perspective.

The bottom line, the Omni Group is a business and they have a need to sustain themselves. One of the reasons they've been able to do so for so many years is directly related to the fact their apps bring a ton of value to their users, who then become loyal and keep purchasing their products. They aren't cheap, but you get what you pay for. They wouldn't be around this long if their apps sold for 4.99 or continually offered free upgrades.

Take for instance the work a person does. You get paid to go to work. Let's say you're an office worker and have worked for the past 3 or 6 months on this important project. You complete the project and 2-3 months after completion, you get a new boss, who doesn't necessarily agree with the direction and wants you to make some modifications to your deliverable which will take you another 2 months. On top of all that, your boss wants you to do it off-hours, on your own time, without getting paid. You going to do it? Hell no.

It's really the same principal. So many individuals don't realize that the people at Omni Group put food on their plate and are able to live a decent living by charging for their apps. If they charged 4.99 and gave updates away for free, you probably wouldn't be seeing the quality you do.

Then again, if you're using an app like OmniFocus as a simple task manager, then I agree, repaying is a kick in the balls. But if you're using OmniFocus the way it was meant to be used, then the time and money you've saved (even after only a few months of use) will pay for the price of a new version ten fold.
What is the status of users like me, who purchased within last 6-8 months? or even in the last few days? Omnigroup could give them "Coupon codes" to get it for free from app store and maybe ask for the cut, they are paying to Apple.
To be honest, I guess one of several things that has me feeling a little cranky about this is the fact that Omni has been saying that they don't want to make substantial changes to the data fields in the OS X app (like tags) because of potential compatibility issues with the existing iOS apps. Now we find that iOS codebase is simultaneously receiving an update apparently substantial enough to warrant a charge. There's something in the combination of those events that feels slightly disingenuous to me, and it makes me wonder whether Omni will ever have the courage to be truly progressive in its app development.
OmniFocus 2 is live.
Originally Posted by civilian View Post
What is the status of users like me, who purchased within last 6-8 months? or even in the last few days? Omnigroup could give them "Coupon codes" to get it for free from app store and maybe ask for the cut, they are paying to Apple.
The status is, it's $20 ;-)
Can't wait to get home, update to ios7 and then rip out my wallet to buy Omnifocus2. Looks gorgeous.
I've downloaded and synced up OF 2 for iPhone but none of my attachments that are PDFs are showing up. Any ideas? I even tried sending a new attachment and opening it in OF 2 but it still won't open, just shows a PDF icon.
pjl336: Email us so we can investigate in more detail?
Overall I like the interface simplification, but I think there are a few refinements needed to help clarify how things work.

(1) - When in the Projects view, having the folder icons appear off to the right is a bit confusing. When I look at the list of items, they appear to all be the same until I look to the right and see the folder icon for folders, or the little arrows for projects. I then have to shift my eyes back to see what I was looking at in the first place.

Proposed solutions?: Either put a tiny icon to the left or just under the folder name. This solves the confusion of having to look too far to figure out what you're looking at (and presents an opportunity to put a small icon indicating what type of project you're working with in the same spot for projects).

OR... do away with the distinction entirely. Just use arrows for folders and projects, or--even better--get rid of the arrows entirely. We know that when you tap on an item you get taken to whatever is inside it. The visual cue of arrows does nothing for us in this context.

(2) - For date-based perspectives, like "Due" or one I created called "Chronology" that just lists all tasks in order of their due date, you need to refine the typography to better convey the structure. Problems with the current implementation include:

-redundant date information - it appears both at the header above the tasks for the day AND in the lower right of each task. One or the other is sufficient.
-depending on what you do with the redundancy, a tweak to the font sizes/boldness/colors/indented-ness for each task could help clarify things. Right now, these perspectives appear very crowded and confusing because everything is left justified, and the background shading/font size changes are too subtle to make the structure clear. Even just centering those date headers could do a lot to improve this.


PS - when's OF2 for iPad expected? (I know you guys don't do dates, but some idea of your roadmap would be appreciated...)
So no grace period for current users to upgrade to any of your apps at a reduced price? That is really, really poor OmniGroup. Really poor.

Sorry if I can't join the bandwagon of people ecstatic to be paying the not inconsiderable full price for all your apps again, but you need to hear this from those of us who are not at all happy about this. Particularly when apps like OmniPlan 1 for iPad have been barely usable since its release, as the majority of the reviews on the App store have been testament to. You have been charging premium prices for, frankly, sub-par software and now you are doing it again (because, as far as I can see from the OmniPlan images and blog entry, not too much has changed to actually make it easy to use - STILL no quick entry ffs)?

And spare us the excuse that Apple don't offer an upgrade mechanism. We know, so why not work around it like everyone else has had to for crying out loud?

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