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Has there been any progress on this bug? It is still happening with the latest version. I have an iPad, iPhone, and a mac desktop which is left on with omnifocus open all the time (acts as a server for other things too).

I have a few repeating daily or weekly actions that are by design supposed to repeat every day-- they are set up properly as "repeat every 1 day" or as required. They are specifically not "start again after" projects.

I am using the Omni sync server.

Throughout the day, I will bounce around to each of the clients as necessary, but I do most of my checking off from a mobile device. I almost always have an internet connection however, and I am led to believe that the sync is "near instantaneous." I can confirm it is pretty quick on the desktop, but I have seen lags with the mobiles (which I don't mind and can understand-- I don't need a battery sucking app).

However, if I am reading this thread correctly, we are advised to manually perform a full sync on our mobile devices each time we modify anything on the app before touching anything else to avoid this problem?

Perhaps a setting on the iOS apps is in order to toggle background syncing upon data change on or off (off, low, medium, high) so I can choose to drain my battery rather than deal with 30 duplicate self-cloning repeating daily tasks?
Can I make another suggestion for the mobile devices?

Could the sync icon change to a different color when there are uncommitted changes made on the device? Say green when all synced, the spinner when syncing, red when there are uncommitted changes, and the bang when there has been a failed sync? That way, I could get into the habit of seeing that the sync icon has turned red for example, telling me that I have changed something on that device since the last successful sync, thus prompting me to press it prior to exiting or backgrounding the application. This would minimize the time I spend cleaning up after cloned tasks.

Currently I am trying to force myself to wait for a full sync prior to making any changes other than a quick entry on the phone or ipad. This is annoying, as my database is large enough that it can take upwards of 1 1/2 minutes to do a full sync, show the updating progress bar, then dump me back to the UI. Also, this will not fix the likely scenario that I make a change on the phone or ipad then flip back to the mail, calendar, or other app, and then never go back to omnifocus to make sure it synced prior to hopping to another device later.
skorvek, if you make a change in OmniFocus on one device, it will automatically sync within a minute, in order to make sure that the sync server is quickly updated. It also syncs immediately if you switch away from OmniFocus. (It only has a brief period available after you switch away before iOS will shut it down, but in typical usage that should be sufficient to complete the sync.) Given this frequency, I think highlighting the sync button when there are changes would mostly serve to distract users and to make them compulsively hit the sync button despite the fact that it would sync in a moment anyway.

I think you'll find that the real issue is that your _other_ client don't know that the data on the sync server has changed, so they don't immediately grab those changes. They will sync once an hour (or at launch, if it's been at least an hour since the last sync) in order to see if there are any changes waiting for them.

Therefore, if it's been over a minute since you used the last client, hitting the sync button when you pick up with a different client should be sufficient to keep you in sync.

That and some other sync info is available on the OmniFocus support page:

Of course, you may still want the sync button to change color / highlight in some way when local changes have not been synced to the server. If so I would use the "Send Feedback" menu item in OmniFocus for Mac or in the gear popup in OmniFocus on iPhone, or the "Contact Omni" gear popup item in OmniFocus on the iPad in order to send in that feedback, along with a description of why you think it's still compelling given the existing sync frequency, to ensure it gets recorded and considered along with your use case.

Last edited by Andrew; 2013-04-17 at 05:41 PM.. Reason: left out a word
That's not really the issue. But there are steps you could take to ameliorate each possibility. I will send in a ticket to address them.

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