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Hey all-

My company just got me a macbook, and i want to put OF on it. Can i use the license i bought for my desktop for this? Or do i need to upgrade to a family pack?
If it works the same way as the other OmniGroup apps, you can use your single user licence, but you won't be able to use both your desktop version and laptop version at the same time. From their website:

Our licensing software allows for licenses to be installed in any of three different ways:

Network licenses are globally available to (and shared among) any users on the network.

Computer licenses are available only to users on the computer or computers where the license was installed. You can install the same license on multiple computers, thus making the license available on any of them. Computer licenses take precedence over network licenses — a computer license will be claimed if available before a network license will be claimed.

Personal licenses are available only to users who have installed the license as a personal license for their account. You can install the same license for multiple user accounts, thus making the licenses available to any of those users. Personal licenses take precedence over computer or network licenses - a personal license will be claimed if available before a computer or network license will be claimed.

You are free to choose which of these three ways you want to install any licenses you purchase, and you can change your mind at any time.
P.S. I edited my post because I've got myself confused as to which licence you should install... I'll leave that for you to work out!
Yeah, I've never really understood this. Why would someone choose a Computer license over a Personal license or visa versa?

Personally, I've always chosen the Personal license, following the assumption that the license file would then get installed in my user account and would automatically get copied over when I moved my account to a replacement machine (I upgrade hardware pretty regularly).
A computer license is available to any user on a particular machine, but can only be installed on that machine.

A personal license is only available in a particular user account, but can be installed on several machines.
I think the use of a personal license vs. a computer license is this:
If you use your license on both your laptop and the family desktop, but someone else in the family also uses the desktop, you might make the license a personal license, so that the other person can't use the license on the desktop and block you from using it on the laptop. If that's not a concern, you can just install it as a computer license on both machines.
Brian, Lizard: thank you for the explanation.

So my next question would be how do you change from one to the other? Do you just delete the license and add it again?
Yes. Just delete it and re-add it as the other type.
I am a teacher and considering OmniGraffle, but I'm still confused on how the licensing works, and how best to configure the license to my needs. I want to prepare work on my desktop at home, and be able to use the program with my laptop in classroom situations. From what I have read, there doesn't appear to be a seamless way to do this. Am I missing something?

Thanks much for your help!
Yes, this is what a ‘Personal’ licence does—buy an OmniGraffle licence, and put the number in to your installation of OG on both your home desktop and your laptop, being sure to choose the ‘Personal’ option. That way you can use the application on both machines pretty seamlessly, as long as you don’t try to run them at the same time (so quit OG on one machine before opening it on the other).

Because you are using a ‘Personal’ licence, the licence will only apply within the one user-account that you install it in on either machine. So, if you have other user-accounts on either of your computers (perhaps used by other members of your family), those users won’t be able to use OmniGraffle without them buying a licence for themselves (which they would then be sensible to install as a ‘Personal’ licence).

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