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OK I am pretty sure you expect it to work this way but I'm running into a behavior that keeps tripping me up because it's so jarring.

On the Mac version 1.8 I have a project that had a due date for the whole project. It also has no context. There is a single next action that is not completed. Due to life, sheep and farm work it not going to get done for a while so I have set the context of the action to waiting as I know it is on temporary hold. This is a real context I've named that way as I can't set actions on hold in OF. This is a project that repeats monthly and even though I'll be late this month I don't want to reset the due date as by next month I should be back on track with it.

What would normally happen in those cases is I would see a red badge on the waiting context and know I have something I can't get to right now.

What 1.8 does that is completely jarring is I see a red badge in the no context section with an overdue item as well. A quick review by checking the next actions no context, nothing, available actions no context, nothing and only when I set to look at all remaining actions do I see the Project there in red indicating it is overdue.

If I've set a project to "No Context" what I expect is that it will be ignored. Or We need an option to ignore the context and not have it show up in context views.

I do see the occasional use for contexts for projects, although not that often as far as I'm concerned but this behavior is baffling to me.

I would echo the request to turn off project level contexts as a user option.

PS I did send this to the support folks as a vote for changes.
This just bit me too-- and I've submitted feedback as well. It's unnerving!
I'm with you guys on this one.

I've been having a review this evening and it was really jarring that there were so many projects listed in the 'no context' view which make no sense really as they are only the placeholder project title and not an actionable item which has an actual context.

If I've got a project called 'xmas promotion' that has no context then it's not necessary to show that in the contexts view at all, only the tasks within it.
I take it back... All I needed was:

View->Hide Parent Items in Context Mode

Sorted now.
Thanks RiK-- I tried that too. The parent items are no longer shown if you tweak that setting, it's true, but they *do* still seem to get counted in the "no context" badge count. This is what I found so unnerving. I had two projects that were overdue because of weather conditions, and OF was insisting that I had two overdue, contextless actions, yet I couldn't find them anywhere. Reported it to the ninjas and was told it's a bug that "hopefully will be fixed soon".

For now, to preserve my sanity, I've resorted to leaving the "show parent items in context view" setting on. I heartily dislike seeing projects in my context lists, but at least I'm not staring at a "no contexts" badge count that I can't account for.
Yep, while hiding the parents hides them it's even worse in that the badge count now has an overdue item you can't even find. Also reported and I got the response back that it is now noted as a bug so I hope that will be fixed soon.

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