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Date Parsing: Natural Language, Relative Date Options Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Would autocompletion help as you enter the shorthand?
eg. type 1, get a popup (like for contexts), select day, week etc.

Id also like to see less granular time/date options or "buckets" (as per
I would like to point out that although this thread is full of ideas to improve this feature... this feature along is totatlly awesome. I'm allready typing "2w" into other apps and I'm really annoyed that they don't parse it the was OF does. I'm sure it will still be tweaked, but great job Omni. Whoever concepted this one deserves a raise.
I would like to see the shortcut 'tom' work for tomorrow. As it is now, it seems that 'tom' is parsed as 'today'.

Also, the Dot in the middle of the calendar at the top, between the left and right arrows does not seem to jump back to today's date.
Another vote for "tom."
Originally Posted by Janice
Another vote for "tom."
And another.
When I worked at an answering service (taking hundreds of msgs per day), the canonical abbreviation was "TMO", not "TOM".
Am I overlooking something or is there no keyboard shortcut that will move the insertion point to the date field in the inspector? Very often, focus (with or without an insertion point) will be on a task in the main window, and I will want to add a date or dates (start or due or both) to it, but so far the only way I've found is to actually click in the inspector. And the less clicking the better.

(N.B. I think having start and due date columns in the main window, reachable by tabbing, is not a solution; I'm seeing are too many columns there already.)
At the moment the start or due date field contains the coresponding date written in numbers. Will there be the possibility to have, for example, today/tomorrow or whatever in this field displayed instead of the date in number format?

Originally Posted by xmas View Post
Or you can use a short date format:


In the form:
[day]/[month]/[year] (or month/day/year if your system pref is set to that)
with the current version, it seems the format dd/mm/yy does not work when entering dates in the inspector fields.
When I enter 07/10/07, I get : "7 oct. 07 00:00"
when I enter 01/01/07, I get : "7 janv. 07 00:00"
when I enter 10/10/10, I get : "7 oct. 07 00:00"

I tried this on the due date field.
It works fine in the due date column in the main window.

I also would reeeeaaallllly like a date display close to what iGTD does : that is "tomorrow" instead of 03/10/07. This is much more relevant... when you don't really know what is the date today ! You know this task is due tomorrow !
Also, it would be nice to have some clue about due dates being late. Like a read background, or something like that.
I know... i'm not supposed to be late, but hey, weird things happen !

Thanks for the good work on this great piece of software.
Originally Posted by subotic View Post
Will there be the possibility to have, for example, today/tomorrow or whatever in this field displayed instead of the date in number format?
That would be great ! I miss this feature from iGTD.
+1 !!!

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