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I get an error when trying to sync my iphone and mobileme. It worked two days ago...

I made sure to update my current version of the desktop and I then resent the settings to my phone.. but that did not fix the problem.

The error is as below:

Unable to synchronize database with server.

Unable to perform WebDAV operation.

The server returned "method not allowed" (405) in response to "PROPFIND/"username"/Documents/OmniFocus.ofocus".

Also, my settings are:

Synchronization: MobileMe
User Name: "username"
Path: Documents
Auto sync: on

Thanks in advance for your help!


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It appears that the user name and password that OmniFocus for iPhone uses can get stuck on a particular value. If you enter a typo or if your login information for your sync server changes, OmniFocus gets stuck using the bad information. I suspect that's what's happening here.

If I remember correctly, 1.1 prompts you for another user name and password, but for the time being, we'll work around the problem by doing the following:
In OmniFocus' settings screen, scroll down to the sync settings.
Tap "advanced", then enter "" into the "Location" field.
Tap 'done', then tap the sync button.

Your phone will attempt to contact our server for a sync; we'll prompt the phone to ask you for a new login and password.

Type in random gibberish for the user name and password - the point here is that we want our server to send you a 'bad password' response. (Do not type in the user name and password of the *account you're actually trying to sync with; we could read that data.)

In any case, when the password sheet comes down a second time, tap 'cancel'.
Switch the sync settings back to their normal values and start a sync.

You will be asked for the user name and password; you can now enter the new info you want OmniFocus to use.

Does that get you back up and syncing?

I also received the same error on sync from my iPhone when I changed the connection port to my private WebDAV server (not MobileMe). I followed the same instructions that Brian posted below to reset the authentication, and it worked.

I will say that if I hadn't found this forum topic, I would have spent a lot longer to figure this one out!

Glad it helped! I added a bit more information to the thread title to hopefully make it easier to find.
I followed the steps provided above, but it didn't work.

I'm trying to sync two computers using my server. I set up a web disk via Bluehost's C Panel.

Here's the error message I get:

Unable to perform WebDAV operation.

The server returned “method not allowed” (405) in response to a request to “PROPFIND /omnifocus/OmniFocus.ofocus”.

Any other suggestions?

Any help much appreciated!
I'd do a forum search for Bluehost and see what turns up. I don't think it is one of the more commonly used webDAV servers with OmniFocus.
Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
I'd do a forum search for Bluehost and see what turns up. I don't think it is one of the more commonly used webDAV servers with OmniFocus.
You may need to include the port number, eg

where the port is 2078

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