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1. Is there an order of precedence between automatic formatting by level and formatting by column?

2. Sometimes I make changes to a level's format and they don't take effect on particular cells (right term??) of text. Using the "clear style" item on the format menu doesn't seem to solve the problem. How do I troubleshoot this?

3. Is there a way to redefine keyboard shortcuts?

Scott Betz
Bainbridge Island
OO Pro
Originally Posted by Scott Betz
1. Is there an order of precedence between automatic formatting by level and formatting by column?
Yes there is (unfortunately: hard-wired): Row level styles take precedence over column styles.

Some time ago on the OO List, I presented my idea on how to make style application precedence user-selectable in a what seems to me an easy, logical, but flexible way:

"Allow re-ordering of the generated/automatic styles in the utilities drawer."

They seem to already be displayed in the order they are applied from top to bottom. Simply being able to drag the styles to a different position and therefore enforcing the precedence of application would give the most flexibility, as e.g. different columns could be handled differently (instead of a "it's rows or columns first, boy" mechanism). So some columns might inherit from the row style, while some wouldn't (if dragged below all row styles). It might even be possible to only override column styling on certain levels etc.

For example, if I had a date column which I wanted to get formatted the same for all rows (regardless of their level), I'd just reorder the default of

Whole Document
Note (Column 1)
Topic (Column 2)
Date (Column 3)
Column Titles
All level 1 rows
All level 2 rows


Whole Document
Note (Column 1)
Topic (Column 2)
Column Titles
All level 1 rows
All level 2 rows
Date (Column 3)

to format the Date column in the same, unobtrusive style for all rows.
Nice idea.

Having used OO in anger for a project now, this is my second biggest annoyance, specifically that level N row formatting always trumps column formatting. Makes sense for column 1 but could go either way WRT the other columns. In my case I want the "details" column always to use non-bold 11point text. Re-ordering the priorities is a nifty solution.

I use Notes for something else and notice that it has my desired behaviour, viz. that the Note style IGNORES level N row formatting. So an alternative solution could be for column styles to have a tickbox "inherit outline level row style". For the Note column this is OFF, for all others ON, but if I could change this I'd be happy.

(BTW my biggest annoyance is absence of any support for column-value filters (or even better, smart folders / perspectives). PLEASE can we have this for OO4?)

That said product is very lovely in so many ways...

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