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I second the observation that the major limitation in OO (for me, at least) is that you have to have the same columns everywhere.

I have an OO document with half a dozen sections each of which would benefit from different columns. Right now, I have to split them into six separate documents in order to do this.
@Robin, what your asking for can also be solved by a feature which is much like the concept of sheets in a workbook in a spreadsheet applications (e.g. OpenOffice Calc, Apple Numbers). The sections will be like different individual outlines, each with its' own format.
For me not being able to filter the view by column values is a serious limitation. I started by converting all my ECCO Pro data to OO Pro and after a while I switches back (I run it in VMware Fusion). OO Pro is a great product and I like how polished the UI is but for raw power ECCO Pro is still king! Not bad for a product that was abandoned in 1997! If you want OO Pro 4 to be a true brain extender, i.e., to be able to effortlessely slice, dice, filter, and view data in all sorts of ways (kind of like your brain works) look at ECCO Pro!
Absolutely agree about Ecco. It's so good that it kept me from switching to Mac for years. Despite having been discontinued and left unsupported for over a decade, Ecco Pro is still the most intriguingly well-designed, powerful, customizable and useful piece of software I've ever had the pleasure to use. And I used it in many different ways.

The Ecco features I'd love to see in OO include the ability to use different outline structures (different columns, different style sets, etc.) for different outlines in the same file ... the ability to filter an outline based on column data ... the ability to see the same data in different configurations (the way OmniFocus does) ... and that's just for starters.
Yes, an OO that provides some of the flexibility of Ecco would be very welcome indeed. There was nothing quite like Ecco, but there should be.
I second this feature. I spend a lot of my time in Excel, indenting and cleaning up the Excel file before passing it to my clients. This time can easily be saved.

Originally Posted by cents View Post
I'd really like to see the following 4 things for version 4:
  • The OmniOutliner page inside the Print dialog should remember settings between print jobs.
  • Export to Excel: I know the export plug-in by Omni but it's not the right thing for my needs. It would be nice if every indention could flow in a new row inside the Excel file. For example: Entries of the third level in OmniOutliner would be in the C column in Excel. This would lead to the same tree structure as it is in the OO file. OO notes should get saved in comments in the Excel file (as they are with the current plug-in). Advantage: I could use OmniOutliner as my main tool for outlining structures and quickly hand over an Excel file to a Windows co-worker prior to my holidays.
  • Export as HTML should optionally be possible without notes.
  • Expot (as HTML, Excel, whatever) should also be possible for the selected rows of the document only.
I work as a teacher and use Keynote to create presentations, I also enter notes about what I'm going to say (so I don't forget anything and also remember things for the next time I'm giving the course) etc. So I tend to keep all my notes about the course in the Keynote files.

Unfortunately Keynotes note handling ability isn't that good so I've been looking for something better for note handling for years but haven't found anything I like.

So for me a killer feature would be if OO in some way could tightly interact with Keynote and handle the notes. What I envision is that I would do all the slide stuff in Keynote, then I would be able to use OO to bring up a view where I could see the slides as pictures and then be able to use OOs ordinary outlining capabilities.

When I later do the actual presentation I would see the OO notes in the presenter note view.

I assume this isn't possible to do but it would be really really really nice if it worked.
Why don't you do it the opposite way round like I do. OO will export to a very basic set of keynote slides that you can then change the theme on and sort out.
Write the material for the presentation in OO with your notes, then export to keynote for massaging. Will that not do what you want?
No, simply because I tend to do the graphics first and then add the description + that I edit the presentation after it's "completed". I've tried to create the outline in OO and then export but it didn't work for me. I basically need to edit the same document (and yes, it's really keynote that should be improved)
Ah, OK ... I guess the difference is that I produce any graphics I require in OmniGraffle, which I can import into OO if I need, and which I copy and paste into Keynote (and LinkBack works which is great).

The only other suggestion I have, then, is make your slides in Keynote ... export them to PDF, which you can import to OO and do your outlining. I don't know how that would work in terms of getting it all back into Keynote with the OO text as presentation notes, though ... or rather, whether there would be an easy way of doing it.

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