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I'm not quite understanding how to use the new Map setting in OF for iPhone.

I'm hoping I can set an action, and when I get to a certain location, it will popup with a reminder to do that action. I often go somewhere, forget that I needed to do something, pickup something, etc...

Is this intended purpose of Map in OF 1.9?

Any quick start guides on setting it up and using it?

The map function in 1.9 looks unchanged from the previous version, but for the fact that it moved from an icon in the toolbar to its own spot on the home screen. Ken has mentioned that location-based reminders are coming, but they are not in 1.9.
I forgot to respond to your second question-if you have never used the location service in the iPhone app, you can assign location-specific data to each context. Edit a context that you want to appear on the map/list, and there are 5 options to choose from. Most are self-explanatory, other than business search, which uses Google business search. The nice thing about this one is that you can try the search criteria in your browser first, then add what works for you to the context setting.
So this means rather than an @errands context I need a @grocery context a @officemax etc.... and then assign a location to those?

If so, I'd find that too cluttering to have every errand location a context
You only need a context for the ones you want picked out on the map. Also, instead of separate top-level contexts for grocery store, hardware store, etc. try nesting them as Errands:Grocery store, Errands:Hardware store and have the top-level Errands context not have a location set.
That's where I'm confused.


Where in the Inspector do I set a location? Is this done on the OF Desktop app or the OF iPhone app?
Edit the context(s) on the iPhone app.
Originally Posted by Greg Jones View Post
Edit the context(s) on the iPhone app.
Thanks, I found it. I'll see if that functionality can fit into my workflow somehow.

Would anyone give me a hint me how to configure the tasks state filter (i.e. what the "eye"-button does in other views) in the Map view?
I somehow managed to change it so that this view now lists all my completed items as well, which renders the feature useless for me.

EDIT: found it: the setting can be changed in Context view and then also applies to the Map view.

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