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I can't hide OF. Choosing "Hide OmniFocus" while OF is active or "Hide Others" when another app is active doesn't work. It's doing it in build 96221, but I think this behavior started in a build from yesterday. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks!
I'm not having this problem, but then again, I just checked and I'm using build 96234.
Yep - this has been happening to me for the past few weeks, with every build I've tried. If OF stays open long enough, this kicks in. A restart of the app cures it.
Have you sent feedback on this issue? Not sure everything on these forums gets logged in the bug tracker.
This almost certainly has something to do with activating Quick Entry, and it may be specific to either 10.4 or 10.5. We have to jump through various hoops to get the Quick Entry window to be active w/out activating the entire application. If you can reproduce this please use Help > Send Feedback with details so we can too.
CTO, The Omni Group
I've noticed that when OmniFocus is relaunched after an auto-update, Hide OmniFocus does nothing. And Hide Others in another app does not hide OmniFocus.

A quit & relaunch of OmniFocus restores normal hiding.

The only unusual aspect is that this thread was opened in December, and the first time I noticed it was just a few days ago. I use hiding a LOT. Hmmm.

[submitted as formal feedback]
OmniFocus just updated itself to 1.0.1 ... 97973, and Hide OmniFocus works right after auto-launch of the new release.
My OmniFocus just updated itself to 1.0.2 ... 99422, and Hide OmniFocus is again failing after auto-launch of the new release.

As before, Quit and relaunch clears the problem.

[submitted as formal feedback]
Couple things contribute (seem to contribute) to me not being able to
hide OmniF

1) after installing new sneek peek, if I don't close out and then log back, it won't hid

2) when I run a script that probably isn't working one of the sync scripts, again Omni F needs to be re-started
While it's true I usually want an OmniFocus window peeking through the plethora of windows on my display, sometimes I want to hide them. Today I discovered Hide OmniFocus doesn't. I updated to 10.5.3 yesterday. So perhaps that's it. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

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