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Feature request: User control over sync frequency. Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Every time I launch OmniFocus for iPhone, it tries to sync.

Getting the database synched up when starting to use the program is generally a good idea, but on my iPod Touch, the wi-fi is sometimes slow to connect and the alerts that it can't connect to the internet do get annoying every time I power up.

I use OF so frequently that the constant calls for syncing are overkill and (I suspect) a battery drain.

For iPhone users with limited data plans (hello, Canada) this could cut into their data usage depending on how much data is exchanged in a sync.

Maybe you could add a restriction that it won't automatically try to sync the database if it already has sucessfully synced in the last 'x' minutes. The timeframe could be adjustable by users, unless you think this is drifting into "preferences bloat"

Thanks for your consideration.
It should only be syncing on launch if it hasn't successfully synced within the past hour, or it has changes that it knows need to be synced.

Regardless, I can see how further customization of these intervals would be desirable. I have filed a request in our bug database.
I would like a pref setting for this. I work from my Mac at home and from my iPhone when I'm out. Before leaving, I sync the Mac to the cloud, then open it on the phone and sync that. When I get home I sync the phone, then wake up the Mac and sync. I'm not making changes on both machines all day, only one or the other.

I can understand the need for more-frequent syncing for a lot of people, and making that the default setting is fine. But my .ofocus file is currently > 220k and I don't have wi-fi at work, so having it try to sync every time I start the app is making me reluctant to use it too much, which kind of defeats the purpose of having it.

Please at some point give us the option of, say, once per hour, per 4 hours, per 8, per day, or manual. Something like that.

Using version 1.0.1 with solid wifi connection, it appears to sync every time I make a new entry. Seems way too often
If I turn "off" my iPhone while "running" OF, i.e., not exiting by hitting the one button, I have lost a significant amount of battery overnight. This doesn't seem to happen with other apps, so I would like more control over sync'ing.
As of 1.0.2 (or possibly 1.0.3, but I think it was 1.0.2), you can turn off auto-sync in the Sync settings. If you do that, OmniFocus won't ever sync by itself, only when you tap the sync button down in the toolbar at the bottom.

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