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I just upgraded to Leopard, will let you know when I have some time to try it out. FWIW, I don't know why it wouldn't work, Leopard updated the version of Ruby I think, but it should be fine.
Originally Posted by jwaldrop View Post
I just upgraded to Leopard, will let you know when I have some time to try it out. FWIW, I don't know why it wouldn't work, Leopard updated the version of Ruby I think, but it should be fine.
Well this is interesting. Two things changed... first of all, the script is now starting Mongrel instead of WEBrick. I assume that's because Leopard included Mongrel, but I'll have to dig more to make sure that's why it's happening.

Second thing is a little more problematic:

OSERROR: -1728
MESSAGE: Can't get reference.
COMMAND: app("/Applications/").documents.ID("aQ-DsLkWvvI").contexts.ID("k8oMhgMt74x") me.get()

Anyone else getting this sort of a message after they authenticate?


Last edited by jwaldrop; 2007-10-30 at 03:51 PM..
Is it working with Leopard?

I can not start up the server anymore.
It stopped working for me after my Leopard upgrade, as well. The breakage seems to be related to a change in the Applescript interpreter. I hacked my way around it; it's not the most elegant of solutions, but it works.

As a bonus, you get some of the other tweaks I've made since I originally posted: an animated progress spinner when tasks are checked/unchecked, and some stylesheet adjustments.
Great work, Dan! All I need now is an iPhone..

Not only does this now look great on my iPhone, but its also perfectly usable in Safari on the Mac, and its viewable in Internet Explorer on the PC for those of us that have to use it at work- I'll have to try Safari on the PC as well and see if I can check tasks off in it too.

If I'm brave enough to try the install, will the web interface be usable on my Treo?
Dan and jwaldrop, thank you so much for keeping this thing alive. I am also a Rails developer and am interested in contributing to this project. Even with just the two of you, some sort of SCM would be hugely beneficial, and exponentially so as more people get involved.
This is just great work, thanks! You saved my butt tonight.
I recall someone was working on a version the web interface that would be synched as a favorite through iTunes and could be viewed off line. Is this such application? If not, does anyone know if the attempt to do so resulted in an application that's available? I would love such functionality. EDGE is so slow that even web access when I am away and on the road does not quite cut it. Off line viewing would be awesome. Thanks a lot. Martin.
When I try to run the server, I get the following error:

Last login: Tue Nov 13 00:03:54 on ttys001
/Users/G5/Library/Application\ Support/OmniFocus/Web\ Interface/script/server ; exit;
g5s-power-mac-g5:~ G5$ /Users/G5/Library/Application\ Support/OmniFocus/Web\ Interface/script/server ; exit;
=> Booting Mongrel (use 'script/server webrick' to force WEBrick)
=> Rails application starting on
=> Call with -d to detach
=> Ctrl-C to shutdown server
** Ruby version is up-to-date; cgi_multipart_eof_fix was not loaded
!!! Path to log file not valid: log/mongrel.log
mongrel::start reported an error. Use mongrel_rails mongrel::start -h to get help.

[Process completed]

I have little terminal experience, so if you reply, please use simple instructions. Thank you very much for your help.

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