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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but this still seems like there's a bug here.

I create a 64 x 64 pixel box, pixel rulers, no stroke, no shadow. Just a plain box. Exports as 66 x 66 when I export by selection.

Sure, I could setup page/canvas sizes to 64 x 64 but annoying.

Isn't this a bug? Should exporting a plain box obey the boundaries of the box?

This "undocumented feature" sure feels like a bug :-) I now have a requirement for a goodly number of pixel accurate icons & never noticed this until now. All the workarounds noted here are very messy and hugely time consuming if you are dealing with more than one icon. I've tried cropping the exported image, but it isn't always centered, and the stroked image isn't always accurate either - so that a 50X50 1px stroked object exports at 54X54, but crops at 51X51. Pretty painful...
I am also having trouble making pixel-perfect output, but it seems to be a problem with strokes but not fills. This first image is a screen capture of the canvas from my OmniGraffle editing window, where I have created a canvas 20pt by 10pt. The object on the left has a 2pt stroke, the one on the right has no stroke. As you can see, the tops and bottoms of these two objects are aligned.

When I output the canvas area only to PDF at 100%, 72 pt/in, and view the resulting PDF file in Preview, the fill-only box on the right is pixel-perfect, but the stroke on the left appears to be offset down and to the right by perhaps one half pixel. The tops and bottoms of the two objects in the PDF file are not aligned, and you can clearly see that the PDF image is in fact not identical to the image as seen in the OmniGraffle editor.

Is this a bug, is the stroke supposed to be offset differently in the PDF output than in the OmniGraffle editing window, or is there a way for me to control this behavior? I suspect this same effect is happening in my PNG file outputs, as I am getting aliasing artifacts for strokes but not plain fills.
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Any update on this? I just noticed this and I cannot find if it's been addressed or not. It's definitely a stroke issue. If I remove the stroke the exported PDF has no extra padding/margin.

Notice also what happens if the current selection has X, Y on half-pixel value (e.g. 29.5) and with full-pixel width and height vs X, Y on full-pixel and half-pixel width, height; etc.

It's a mess! Please fix this!
Sorry for the confusion, Brianh! We've got a feature request open on the ability to constrain a stroke to the interior of the shape, but the current version of the app centers the stroke on the bounds. A stroke will be half "inside" and half "outside" the shape, in other words.

The app was originally aimed more at print output than pixel-perfect on-screen drawing, but we understand that a fair number of folks would like to use it this way; we're keeping that in mind as we work on the app.
I realize this is a long-running thread, but this has frustrated me a few times too.
Anyway, through some fiddling around I figured out that I can get it to export to the "proper" pixel size to png by fiddling with the x% box on export.
Through trial and error I did some basic math and realised there was a linear relationship between the x% I set and the pixel size of the export.

I made it out to be:
x%*(~0.67) = pixel width and height.

I now use this info to get it to "properly" export the right size.

It might be useful to others (probably won't be the same factor of 0.67 but hopefully still a linear relationship) to get the bad boy spitting out what we want.

It's also worth noting that I was exporting the canvas which is a square of 16px x 16px. If you have a rectangle then this might not work.

Right, back to making some cool eye-cons...

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